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Instant portable material analysis solutions through NIR technologies

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Crimson Vision is a business-innovation driven enterprise backed by the Hong Kong Baptist University.


Our mission is to empower both commercial and retail industries such as agriculture, food and environmental sectors with fast and portable material analysis capabilities through our patent Near-Infrared (NIR) detection and visualising technologies integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 

Who are we?

Crimson Vision Technology Limited is a technology company dedicated to developing visualization of near-infrared (NIR) light for fast and portable detection.

Our Vision

We aim to foster innovative, economically viable and environmentally friendly applications through the related patents and core NIR visualizing technologies. 


At Crimson Vision, we are dedicated to the development of near-infrared (NIR) detection and visualizing technologies for fast and portable detection in the commercial and the retail market in Hong Kong. 

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