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Our Technology

Near-infrared (NIR) light region is the spectrum area defined by wavelengths between 700 nm and 2500 nm. NIR is widely used in analytical science. It is accurate, reliable, fast in generating responses and is non-destructive to samples.

As a research-based startup, we develop innovative detection technologies, specializing in organic electronics. The novel dual-mode organic photodetectors give rise to the remarkable dual-mode light detection phenomena. They offer additional advantages such as having a bias-switchable spectral response for applications in environmental pollution detection, wellness, agriculture, light communication, and security monitoring in two distinct bands.


Our NIR visualization technology can convert incoming NIR light to visible light through an up-conversion device with a thickness on a micrometer scale. There is no image editing or computer processing, it is just Physics! Near-Infrared light is the new visible light to the human eye.


NIR Up Conversion

Technologies and Applications


  • NIR Imaging System

  • NIR light-absorbing material identification and NIR light positioning

  • Enabling the direct conversion of incoming invisible NIR light to visible light for detecting the NIR absorbing microbeads




  • Low cost 

  • Fast detection 

  • Simple circuit designs and data processing


To know more about our dual-mode organic photodetector technology, check out the presentation below given by our Director Prof. Zhu at the 12th Asian Conference on Organic Electronics in Busan, Korea.

To know more about our filter-free band selective organic photodetector, check out another presentation below given by our Director Prof. Zhu at POE2020 in Jinan.

Patents: US16,592,793, US62,866,002, China No. 201910951975.5, Japan No. 2019-185194.

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