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Our solution for Smart Agriculture

What can we do?

Our NIR fruit detection technology can be applied to different stages in the supply chain, from the farm to the market. By measuring and analyzing fruit quality (e.g., sugar level), we hope to improve cultivation methods and quality control for the fruit industry. It will help farmers to plant top quality fruits, yield higher quality products, and help customers to select better choices in the market. We all love tasty fruits, don’t we?

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Current Limitations

In the current market, the fruit sugar level is mainly measured by intrusive methods, for example, by using the reflectometer and liquid chromatography, which would destroy the fruits during measurement. Other methods using non-destructive methods, such as the spectrometer, are limited, complicated, bulky, and expensive.

Our solution - Non-destructive NIR Fruit Detection 

There are lots of factors affecting fruit quality, for example, sugar level (Brix), acidity, water content, etc. While human eyes cannot see through the fruits, NIR can! Crimson Vision is able to capture the information with our NIR detection technology.


Instead of scanning the whole spectrum with a spectrometer, Crimson Vision specifically selected certain NIR frequencies which are important for assessing fruit quality. NIR is firstly absorbed and reflected inside the fruit. Our organic photodetector can then pick up the signal with high sensitivity and accuracy. 

By measuring the absorbance after diffused reflection, and comparing that with our own database through an algorithm, we can calculate the fruit quality, such as sugar content, acidity, etc. As waveguides or filters are not needed, our solution provides a more compact and effective design. This aside, the manufacturing cost can also be reduced. With our creative design and advanced detection technology, fruit detection can be fast, portable, non-destructive, and affordably priced.

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