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Product Developer

About the job

• Assist to complete the process of hardware development from proof-of-concept sampling to product validation testing. Fulfill the R&D design that meets multi-dimensional requirements such as function, performance, cost, and quality.
• Assist to complete hardware production and problem analysis positioning, outsourcing parts selection and product design.


  • Microelectronics, automation, electrical engineering, mechatronics, optoelectronics and other related backgrounds.

  • Solid basic hardware knowledge, familiar with analog/digital circuit analysis and design,  with relevant practical experience based on analog/digital sensor detection and signal processing and analysis capabilities.

  • Practical experience in related product hardware and embedded systems is preferred.

About us

Crimson Vision Technology Limited is a technology company dedicated to developing visualization of near-infrared (NIR) light for fast and portable detection. We aim to foster innovative, economically viable, and environmentally friendly applications through the related patents and core NIR visualizing technologies. 

To apply, please send your full resume with current and expected salary to HD-19, 3/F, Building 2W, No. 2 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin N.T., Hong Kong, or, by email to

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