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Algorithm Developer


• Have a certain understanding of the field of artificial intelligence and be familiar with various machine learning algorithms.
• Improve the performance and efficiency of products through algorithm optimization.
• Responsible for the research, design, verification and delivery of AI and big data analysis algorithms and solutions for the terminal devices.


  • Possess the design and development capabilities of artificial intelligence AI algorithms, big data algorithms, and data structure algorithms.

  • Master at least one of the development languages of Java/Python/C (it is better to master Hadoop open-source tools).

  • Master at least one data mining tool and deep model training tool (such as TensorFlow, Caffe, MATLAB).

  • Possess strong hands-on practical ability, able to quickly implement ideas with algorithm programs.

  • Have a good team spirit and good communication.


Crimson Vision Technology Limited 是一家技術公司,致力於開發近紅外 (NIR) 光的可視化技術,以實現快速和便攜的檢測。我們的目標是通過相關專利和核心 NIR 可視化技術來促進創新、經濟可行和環保的應用。 

如欲申請,請將您的完整履歷表連同目前及預期薪水發送至 新界白石角香港科學園科技大道西19號19W大樓6樓639室或電郵至

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